Travailler chez Ascendance Flight Technologies


Ascendance Flight Technologies has been founded in January 2018, by 4 former members of the E-FAN team at Airbus - one of the first all-electrical aircraft.

We are developing a Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft with hybrid propulsion to address the urban and peri-urban air mobility. Our unique VTOL concept will offer best-in-class performances with enough range to not only connect transportation and business hubs to cities but also connect remote places. 

We are currently a team of 10 and growing. Ascendance is incubated by Agoranov at the very heart of Paris where we are surrounded by top-notch startups in the tech and deeptech field.

Notre équipe

At Ascendance you will not only join passionate people that want to make an impact, you will also join a whole innovative ecosystem, the flexibility and agility of a startup and you will work on a product that will disrupt the mobility market. 

If you are looking for a place where you will have a direct impact on a very ambitious product, where you will work close to the hardware and where you can witness the result of your hard work quickly, board Atea and come fly with us toward the future of mobility! 

Notre vision

At Ascendance we are building tomorrow’s flying taxi: Atea, a unique Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft with a hybrid propulsion system. We believe that the future of mobility will include the sky and that operational fit will be key to support the emergence of this market. Therefore we focused our efforts in designing an innovative, safe, silent, clean and affordable aircraft that will be able to blend into existing infrastructures and regulations to ease its deployment and maximise social acceptance. 

Personal air travel has been in the air for quite some time - from the Jetsons to the 5th Element - and we believe that technology and market are aligned to make this industry a reality today so we want to be the first to open a commercial flying taxi line by 2024.