Travailler chez Ponicode


At Ponicode, we want to help developers focus on what they like to do most, on the exciting parts of their job. We are creating a unique AI coding partner that will handle all low-interest but essential tasks for them and allow them to focus on what lies ahead. We want to help developers unleash their code! 

Notre équipe

We are a start-up team of enthusiastic and realistic dreamers, convinced that we can offer a new experience to developers. We love developers! In our team, you will find a successful and visionary entrepreneur who will truly make you dream; an experienced CTO thanks to whom you will grow your love for programming and developers even more; young out-of-the-box developers and data scientists able to come up every morning with a new idea to work on with you; and a very enthusiastic CMO, willing to test every good or new idea to make people know about our solution.

Notre vision

Coding is great! Code lets you create and design from scratch awesome things that work. You can contribute in the first person to solving real-world issues, and really make an impact. Our mission is to help developers reach their full potential.